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            The Shenhai Machinery in the long-term business activities, has been focusing on to play the role of talent advantage. Talent is the fundamental enterprise development. Talent is the first resource, all the operation and management of innovation are elements of human first. Enterprises attach great importance to the development and management of human resources, and to develop human resources for scientific analysis, recruitment and training programs. At the same time a fair, just, and open recruitment and selection of personnel.

            Shin Hae human resources work in training management, training is a process of human resources development, training work, carried out in Shenhai from the past to focus on the knowledge, training, skills training, gradually transforming the quality of training transformation. Career planning of new employees and key key employees, employees' personal development goals and business development goals effectively combine.

            Good at discovering talent, use of personnel; do is to make their talent to best use; inspires to be good at encouraging people
            to create a good environment for the the employees creative work hair waving. On this basis, establish a set of evaluation and incentive mechanism, assessment indicators and the establishment of the payroll system, to meet
            the various needs of the employees, so as to improve the initiative and creativity of the employees work.

            People's needs are diverse, and therefore said Shin Hae diversified incentives for employees.


            law to give incentives given material incentives in the use of economic instruments, also note the heavy use of other means such as: to create a good working atmosphere and cultural environment, awarded the honorary title, promotion, continue academic education given to employees exercise opportunity .

            To German-based meritocracy