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            The Shin Hae machinery in the past decade in the development process, and gradually formed its own unique corporate culture. Corporate culture as a means to focus on improving the corporate image as well as the team spirit, strong cohesion and solidarity. Started from a small factory, Shin Hae is to rely on the enterprise spirit of "unity and hard work, pragmatic and innovative" step by step toward success. The company chairman, Mr. Yang Fusheng, The cultural shaping force must form their own cultural characteristics, according to the differences in corporate culture, management culture, and a culture of service, the value of culture building is a central link.

            Product culture focused on shaping the image of the external market, in the company's product development, process, quality management, to the use of the latest technology and techniques for the highest pursuit of quality management and strive to achieve to achieve the industry's outstanding in the industry took the lead in the operation of the international quality assurance system. In order to achieve the true meaning of "quality of survival".
            In the management culture of innovation Shenhai respect employees 'personal opinion and the strict administrative, economic management and employees subjective creating awareness combined together, more prominent "to people-oriented," the management philosophy, shape employees' personal innovation and the development of consciousness and enterprise of sense of ownership and use of advanced management mode pull Organization flexible production, and optimize enterprise resources.

            Service is a comprehensive reflection of the service culture is reflected in the many aspects of the enterprise business and services in the sales process is the most directly reflects the service. Shenhai "customer-centric" as their own service standards, will be ever-present in the service culture into the hearts of all the staff, the service has become the employees of consciousness and action.

            The image of the corporate culture, in fact, are derived from the values ??of employees consistent value of culture is the corporate culture of the spirit and the source of years of operation, employees and business value concept of identity has been consistent, the Shenhai people advocate services in the metallurgical industry, the creation of social wealth "concept has been shown that the level of the enterprise development and the pursuit of taking a step forward to improve. "Loyal to the company and return to the community," Shin Hae is not a slogan, and is on the implementation of specific action, the effective convergence of the value chain, stimulate the morale of the employees, the employees personal values and corporate values ??fusion together, will produce a huge incentive.