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            Static pressure circulating dust collector > Products > Static pressure circulating dust collector

            Product Overview:

            JYH-type Static pressure circulating dust collector is a new-type high efficiency dust collector based on static pressure theory developed by our technician through years’ of research. There is interlayer in the dust collector and vertical slot on the interlayer, therefore, the dust, under centrifugation effect, enters into static pressure area along the vertical slot interlayer, which solves the problem of secondary dust.

            The duster has the characteristics of small, compact structure, higher dust removal efficiency, maintenance-free,  heat-resistant. The dust removal rate is exceed 95% . It is practical. It has remarkable effect which has been used in the steel and iron,coking and cement industry etc.

             JYH2 is the second generation product. Air capacity from 1000-20000Nm3/h is for single cylinder, 20000-35000 Nm3/h for double cylinder, 36000-70000Nm3/h for four cylinder.