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            Belt surface grinding machine > Products > Belt surface grinding machine


              Product Overview:

               The machine is designed for Long men structure with multiple grinding head, mainly grind and polish for large size steel plate. Grinding head can use wheel, impeller, sanding belt.Wheel is suitable to grinding for local defect; Impeller is suitable to polishing of low request and cost.

            Sanding belt is suitable to grind and polish for surface. It is a ideal  equipment for surface defect treatment and polishing.

               Typical Applications:

              Surface polish for special material, for instant titanium and titanium alloy plate etc.

                Surface treatment for hot-rolling plate, composite board and large-size steel plate etc.

               Parameter and Configurations:

              Floating grinding, it can  remove the surface defect according to the different plate type.

              Removal is 0.05--0.3mm

              It uses wet grinding or dry grinding