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            Wheel/ Belt grinding machine > Products > Wheel/ Belt grinding machine

            Product Overview:

             Wheel/ Belt grinding machine is a specialized equipment to provide  coarse grinding , fine grinding or polishing. It is composed of multiple wheel or belt heads, after high removal to gain excellent surface quality. It has operating comfortableness and safety, high-efficiency, low labor intensity , good for environmental protection.

               Typical Applications:

            It clears the surface defect for extrusion or hot-rolling tube, hot-rolling bar and forging bar.

            Remove surface rust for tube or bar

            Parameter and Configuration:

            it is composed of sets of grinding head with different station , fixed the belt of different grain, to achieve the continuous process from coarse grinding, half fine grinding, fine grinding to polishing.

            Totally enclosed, to prevent from noise, water or dust, guarantee the operating comfortableness and safety. Low configuration open-type is also a good choice, has good quality.

            It uses wet grinding or dry grinding.

            It can be configurated loading and unloading table, to achieve workpieces automatic loading,unloading and volume production.