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            News > News > Chinese domestic stainless steel consumption forecast

            Chinese domestic stainless steel consumption forecast

            Author / Source:adminRead:2156 Secondary Date of submission 2012-9-13 16:23:47

            1. Based on the proportional relationship of the stainless steel accounted for total iron and steel prediction

            Stainless steel consumption accounts in the early 1990s to 2003 the proportion of the national crude steel output of the last century gradually increased with the rapid increase in domestic crude steel production in recent years, the proportion has dropped slightly, the domestic stainless steel consumption accounts for national crude steel production ratio of about 1.4% - 1.5%.

            Domestic crude steel production in 2007 is expected to be about 470 million tons, 1.5% of the proportion of total crude steel, stainless steel consumption accounts calculated apparent demand for stainless steel in 2007 was 7.05 million tons. Expected to be 5.5 - 5.8 million tons of domestic crude steel production in 2010, when the apparent demand for stainless steel is 825-870 million tons.

            Stainless steel consumption in developed countries accounted for the proportion of the total consumption of crude steel is generally more than 2% higher than the proportion of domestic consumption. Reference to the level of developed countries to 2% consumption ratio in 2010, China's consumption of stainless steel in the 1100-1160 tons.

            2. Forecast based on of stainless per capita apparent consumption

            The world average per capita consumption of stainless steel for about 4 kg, an average of 6-9 kg in developed countries. Of stainless steel per capita consumption level is far below the international average in 2001 - 2003, has a significant "catch-up catch-up" stage, the domestic stainless steel consumption per capita has reached the world average of 4.6 kg or so.

            With diversification in the field of stainless steel consumption and consumer upgrades, as well as China's rapid economic development, the domestic per capita consumption of stainless steel will continue to increase, stable development in accordance with the annual increase rate of 10%, to 2010, the per capita consumption of 6.7 kg, close to the level of consumption in developed countries, when about 1.4 billion population, the total consumption of 9.38 million tons, assuming 7% increase in 2010, the 2012 per capita consumption of 7.67 kg, the total consumption amounted to 10.74 million tons .

            Predicted by the three methods, the domestic stainless steel apparent consumption of 680-700 million tons in 2007, 2010 Chronology of the concept of consumption in the 850-1100 million tons, consumption growth remained with the national economy, the year-over-year growth rate is expected to .