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            About us | Company Profile

            Taiyuan Shenhai Machinery Co.Ltd is a high-technology company, we develop and research key non-standard equipment for metallurgical industry, are committed to be grinding and polishing experts of metallurgical industry.

            Our company has passed ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, we establish a strategic cooperative relations with Taiyuan Technology Institute of Robot and Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Research Institute. We have strong technology ... More +

            Contact us

            Postal Code: 030013

            Phone:+86 0351 5245650


            Fax:+86 0351 5245632

            Website: www.tyshenhai.com

            Email: fushengyang@126.com

            Company Address:Room 1119 Xinlei Building No.188Xinjian North Road, Taiyuan City

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